Hawkins school director recommends approval of both school logo finalists

Jeff Bobo • Oct 6, 2019 at 7:30 PM

ROGERSVILLE — It looks like Hawkins County Schools will have two official student-designed logos.

Last month, the Board of Education was presented with the best 14 proposed county schools logo designs selected from a countywide contest, from which the two finalists were chosen.

The winner was supposed to be selected at Thursday’s BOE meeting, but three members were unable to attend, so the winning logo design vote was postponed until the November meeting.

However, Director of Schools Matt Hixson told the four board members in attendance he is recommending that both finalists be accepted.

Both were created by Volunteer High School students — one by Ellie McLain and Abby Moffitt and the other by Andy Davis and Zach Evans.

“Before we vote on a final design, I would like to get that before all of the board and have them present because it is a pretty important contest,” Hixson said. “I also want to thank each of you in public for your efforts and creativity. I would also like to let you know there is no real second place or loser in this contest.”

Hixson added, “My recommendation to the board, should they accept it, would be to take one for the school system logo and one for a CTE design. You'll see both logos used throughout the school system, pending the vote, hopefully next month.”

Evans was unable to attend Thursday’s meeting, but Davis told the board their logo was a simple, basic design of a blue shield emblazoned with elements that are important to the school system.

“We got a graduation cap for the graduation rate in Hawkins County, since we have a really good graduation rate,” Davis said. “We’ve got a scholar lamp for all the smart people who come out of Hawkins County. And then we included some gears for CTE because that’s one of our main focuses in Hawkins County.”

McLain told the board that coming up with their design “was the most stressful thing they’ve ever been through.”

The design features “Tennessee Mountains” over trees and deer, which are on top of the pages of an open book.

Their instructor suggested that their original mountains weren't “Tennessee Mountains,” so they had to go back to the drawing board.

Then they added the trees and deer for the hunters and outdoorsmen.

“So then me and Abby think, we’re at a school — we’ll put a book — and this is what we got,” McLain said. “We have a book with some deer and trees and some mountains. And then we put the (founding) year down here because we like to have our history: ‘1907, Educate and Graduate,’ so that’s how we put it.”

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