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Stuff the turkey, not yourself on Thanksgiving

By Danielle Dahlin • Nov 20, 2019 at 4:30 PM

The holiday season is here again! Thanksgiving is the perfect time to focus on family, friends and all the other things we have to be thankful for. It’s a time of laughter, celebration and reconnection.

This is also the time of year that many people worry about and struggle with weight gain. It seems like everywhere you turn, there is some pumpkin-flavored treat or delicious holiday spread just begging to be eaten. But don’t fear. Thanksgiving doesn’t have to sabotage your weight. With a little know-how and some careful planning, you can enjoy all the things this wonderful holiday has to offer without the dreaded weight gain.

On Thanksgiving morning, make sure to eat breakfast. While it may seem like a good idea to skip this meal in order to save room and calories for the main event, doing this can actually lead to overeating. Eating a nutritious breakfast that’s high in protein and fiber helps keep you full throughout the day, takes the edge off of your appetite, keeps you from constantly snacking, and allows you to be more discriminating in your food and beverage choices later.

Plan and shop for your breakfast ahead of time so it will be easy to throw together in the morning. Start your day off right by grabbing a carton of eggs and some of your favorite vegetables from your local Food City to make some healthy, vegetable-filled muffin frittatas. Find this delicious recipe and more at foodcity.com.

When it comes time for the big meal, take a second to really look at all the options. You don’t have to get everything that is offered. Decide what you can and can’t live without before putting anything on your plate. Then, go ahead and get your absolute favorites that only come around once a year. Just make sure to choose reasonably sized portions. Try to practice mindful eating so that you can really savor these special foods.

Remember that the holiday season is about more than just food. Try to focus on making meaningful memories and really being present with the people you’re thankful for.

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