Church Hill Elementary's Reward School honor attributed to 'All Means All' attitude

Jeff Bobo • Sep 26, 2019 at 3:21 PM

CHURCH HILL — Hope Malone first visited Church Hill Elementary School as a member of former Tennessee Education Commissioner Candice McQueen's staff while honoring CHES for being named one of the state's two National Title 1 schools in 2015.

Malone was so impressed with CHES and the Hawkins County School System that when the principal position opened up in 2016, she applied — and was hired.

Four years after her fist visit to campus, Malone has come full circle. Now she and her staff are the ones being honored by the state as one of Hawkins County's two Tennessee Reward Schools for 2019.

Adopting the motto 'All Means All'

Malone hosted a group of Central Office staff and media on Friday to discuss this year's Reward School honor.

“Let me just say how proud and honored I am to work with such an amazing staff here at Church Hill Elementary,” Malone said. “They are so dedicated to our boys and girls, and obviously it shows through our Reward School status. We're such a data driven school, and we not only look at the school as a whole, but we look at the individual student.”

Malone added, “We work so collaboratively together to make sure that all of our boys and girls are taken care of, and we go by the state motto, 'All means all'.”

To what do you attribute the Reward School status?

“I think the hard work and dedication of not only our teachers, but also our boys and girls. They understand that there is so much rigor, and high expectations, so I think them just digging in deep into their classrooms, and into the curriculum and work, had a lot to do with that.”

Were there any particular areas of focus last year?

“We really targeted our math and our ELA (English Language Arts) sections, and wanted to just focus on that and integrating other curriculums into our practices. We have our RTI (Response to Intervention) program where our boys and girls who need extra assistance go and work with an interventionist. That's very skills based, and very directed toward their specific needs. And that ties back to our 'All Means all.’ “

What's your goal for next year?

“We just want to maintain and sustain. Obviously, we want our students to grow and to have that achievement. But we just want to continue doing what we've been doing and grow from there. We can always have higher expectations. We're good and we wanted to be great. We became great, and now we want to get it to even better.”

Congratulations from the director

Director of Schools Matt Hixson: “Hope has successfully led her staff through in-depth Professional Learning Community (PLC) practices including specific data monitoring and instructional adjustments. CHES culture is one of true collaboration where teachers and staff do whatever necessary to support and challenge students. Congratulations to Hope and her staff on this award.”

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